We put equality mark between  event and meeting.
For us, event is a meeting involving people.
There is no real event without people.
Exchange of knowledge, experience and emotions is the key to an effective meeting.


We are the group that creates events.
Our actions are related to experiencing a brand.
We can say that we organize a meeting with a brand.
Our meeting with a brand is experiencing it with all senses.

Event is a meeting with a brand, it’s experiencing it with all senses.
We know the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. We offer you one more – the sense of MEA. MEA combines all 5 senses and enables FULL BRAND EXPERIENCE. That’s why we are MEA GROUP – EVENT 360

We want every event to achieve its goal.
To be worthy of being called a unique event.
We operate in the area of marketing events.
We invite you to get know more about our projects.

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Mea Group is a team of creative, competent and sensitive people who like meetings…
In addition, the “sensitive” specialists in the presentation of the brand world.
We present you our team: we see, hear, feel, understand and… take an actions.

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  • Tytuł ”Dostawca Roku 2016” w kat. Creative Services w Konkursie PROCON Awards 2017. Mea Group najlepszym dostawcą usług dla biznesu, najwyżej ocenioną przez klientów agencją eventową.
  • „Personality of the Year 2014” Award granted by MICE Poland magazine in the category „Event Planner” for the CEO of Mea Group – Marta Dunin-Michałowska
  • „Leader of the event industry” Award for Marta Dunin-Michałowska in the Businesswoman of the year 2014 contest, organized by Businesswoman & life magazine.
  • „Gazela Biznesu 2014” awarded by Bonnier Business Poland, publisher of Puls Biznesu financial daily.
  • MP Power Awards title – Power 12 in category event agencies in MP Power Awards 2013 event industry contest, organized by Meetingplanner.pl.
  • „EVENT OF THE YEAR 2012” Award by MICE Poland magazine for the Polish launch of Samsung Galaxy S III.
  • Title „Best event realization 2012” in category Scenography, awarded by MICE Poland magazine for Spring/Summer 2013 fashion show – Paprocki&Brzozowski collection.

Mea Group Sp. z o.o.

F. Rymkiewicza 15 Street

01-644 Warsaw, POLAND

TIN: 125 148 49 12

REGON: 141374895

Phone: (+48) 22 833 85 69

Fax: (+48) 22 833 86 14

Email: biuro@meagroup.pl